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Computers described on my website I own, so this is reason of my selection.
My belowed Commodore 128DCR is on first place.
I'm using it with my SuperCPU128 and CP/M cartridge... sure you're asking: Why CP/M cartridge? Commodore 128 contains Z80...
Answer is simple and maybe surprise: SuperCPU was first designed for Commodore 64 and when was designing Commodore 128 version, developers forgot Z80, so when is SuperCPU turned on, Z80 inside Commodore 128 is not accessible. So, I bought CP/M cartridge with hope - when can Z80 work with Commodore 64 which has no any MMU, why it couldn't work with Commodore 128? And works. When is SuperCPU turned on, Commodore 128 has available W65816 and Z80 CPU inside cartridge accessible in both modes, even runs CP/M 2.2 (only in C64 mode). When is SuperCPU turned off, Commodore 128 has available three CPUs: 8502, Z80 inside C128 (only in C128 mode) and Z80 inside CP/M Cartridge (in both modes. Computer can run CP/M 2.2 in C64 mode and CP/M 3.0 in C128 mode. So, it's nice solution also for users which haven't SuperCPU...
Commodore 64DTV I own no long time and I'm discovering its advanced features - and like time goes, they are better than I was awaiting.
I bought modded DTV version 2 with PS/2 keyboard connector, SD2IEC interface, two control ports, IEC port and also fan for PSU in pretty case.
Commodore 64 I own not, but I can get one, so I added also description.
SuperCPU description is about its features and possibilities - this was reson to separate SuperCPU and WDC 65816 CPU description.
Sections of CPU description MOS 6502, WDC 65816 and Z80 are useful info about CPUs which are in our Commodores. CPU W65832 is other cup of coffee...
Commodore 65 I own not and newer had. But it is base of Mega 65 project - Commodore 65 and 64 compatible computer currently in development and works on Nexys4DDR FPGA.
Yes, you see...Apple and Macintosh SE... this section is not about Apple fashion mark, but I found many similar things between Apple and Commodore computers:
Apple II series is similar to Commodore 8-bit computers
Apple IIGS uses same CPU like SuperCPU for Commodore 64 or 128 - but is downclocked to avoid popularity between Apple IIGS and Macintosh...
Macintosh computers have Motorola 680x0 inside and Amiga computers have the same... even I have lent Macintosh SE from friend and discovering it.
Still you see not?
Apple II - Apple IIe - Apple IIGS - Apple Macintosh
VIC20 - Commodore 64 - SuperCPU - Amiga
Last section is dedicated to two FPGAs - Nexys4DDR and MiST
When I will have more free time I will learn VHDL and can them use for own projects, currently:
Nexys4DDR allows me to run Mega 65 and Apple IIe computers
MiST allows me to run many computers, for me interesant are in list below
Commodore PET2001 - I found much more than I knew and software which was surprise
Commodore VIC20 - sadly this core has not implemented disk drive
Commodore 16 - ever wanted to see what it can...
Commodore 64 - I can see differences between Commodore 65 and Commodore 64 mode of Commodore 128
Commodore Amiga - I can configure any of Amiga model and have back my Amiga 500 and later 1200, which I owned in 90's
Apple II+ - really big difference between Apple IIe (in Nexys4DDR) and Apple II+ (in MiST)
Apple Macintosh Plus - else one Macintosh, - predecessor of Mac SE
Atari 800 - I owned not long time Atari 800XE, so is back
Atari ST - I could never compare difference of two rivals - Atari ST and Amiga
Didaktik Gama - older Czechoslovak ZX Spectrum clone
Didaktik M - Czechoslovak ZX Spectrum clone - this was first computer which I had in hands and made first steps in programming, so real memories
Sinclair ZX Spectrum - always interesant 'cause Didaktik computers were ZX Spectrum clones
Sinclair QL - this computer is interesant - core works like two desktop computer, and in retro computers I know only one other - Commodore 128
Sam Coupé - enhanced powerful successor of ZX Spectrum
Amstrad CPC6128 - for me interesant to compare SymbOS with my The Ace project
MSX3 - main reason is that uses same video and audio chip like Steve's Gray VYMS64 project for Commodore 64 and 128 - I want to see what it can
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